- Rhythm Magazine -

"Woah, the man sails - talent ahoy! Employing the sparse, reverbed sound that only great singers such as early Elvis, Chris Isaacs and Jeff Buckley have used, Mancunian Richie gets away with it. Totally worth checking out!"

- Americana UK -

"Profoundly melodic Americana-flecked folk-rock - Syrett has developed an individual vision which shows much promise for the future."

- Manchester Music -

"Syrett is openly influenced by Americana and when he says heís building up a following on the other side of the ocean, itís hard not to appreciate how that might be happening. His first release is an incredible, DIY produced album with a performance and songs to match its ambitions."

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Times Long Past
Good Morning Midnight
Ten Past Ten
Wax On The Melt


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