Richie Syrett is a singer/songwriter whose typically melodic and ragged style makes a grateful nod to a number of rootsy influences whilst all the time maintaining it's own signature sound.

After a collection of ramshackle recordings developed an appreciative audience, Richie independently released his first album. The record swiftly attracted an impressive number of new listeners and fans across all ages; stretching from the nearby murky waters of the Manchester Ship Canal to the muddy banks of the Mississippi and beyond.

Recorded on a shoestring once more, the new album Good Morning Midnight showcases an emerging and maturing songsmith whose novel writing explores a whole range of themes. Be them songs that are inspired by the extraordinary, the mundane, the sacred or the profane, all provide a perfect platform for one very distinctive vocal.

This site had some more information that really helped me get things setup. It didn't take long browsing what's out there to decide the DIY route wasn't for me. There was also a sizing guide on this website which helped out quite a bit. It's all about putting the time in and you'll be able to create the design which fits your need.

Make your own comparisons and draw your own conclusions but be sure to take note of an upcoming artist fast approaching their prime.

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Times Long Past
Good Morning Midnight
Ten Past Ten
Wax On The Melt


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